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Falcon 8200 Series Operator For Sale
The 8200 Series automatic operator creates a smooth door opening for areas requiring easy accessibility and need the American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. The operator is easily integrated into electrified openings with Allegion’s wireless accessory offerings. It is designed for applications like assisted living and ambulatory care, wear ease of use is critical.

The 8200 Series features Push ‘n’ Go activation, providing easy access for people with disabilities and the elderly. Push ‘n’ Go opens the door automatically as soon as it feels pressure, while the SmartLatch function provides additional closing force in severe wind. The 8200 Series detects obstacles to stop and reverse door direction when necessary and Open Position Learning eliminates wall and door damage.

Body construction
  • 1-piece mounting bracket
  • Intelligent control box
  • Non-handed motor gearbox

Quality and durability
  • SmartLatch technology
  • Push ‘n’ Go feature
  • Open Position Learning for limited door and wall damage

  • Pre-load strike assist
  • LED light illumination for installation
  • On-board power supply (12 VAC)
  • Header length 26”
  • Surface mounted
  • Non-handed design
  • Cycle-tested 1 million gear box
  • Door weight is 200 lbs. (consult Technical Services for use on doors over this weight)
  • Aluminum finish
  • Steel full cover
  • Visit the 8200 Series catalog pages for complete mounting details, arm options and accessories.

Cylinder options
  • Standard cylinder (STD)
  • 8231 for pull side installations
  • 8242 for push side installations

Arm options
  • Regular arm: mounts on the push side of the door and is stamped with an adjustable forearm to accommodate the door opening
  • Standard arm: mounts on the pull side of the door and connects to the automatic operator and track arm; comes with adjustment screws to accommodate the door opening